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Poetry-Poetry D. Zawawi Imron

Alif, Alif, Alif,!Alif your sword in my handImplant in my flesh, a compass in my heartAlif you upright so forked, so meliut eelLost so thinking, living former incubateLightUntil IBerkesiurOnSmall windThy fateHompimpah my life, my death hompimpahHompimpah my fate, hompimpah, hompimpahHompimpah!I dug my heart with a crowbar alifmuUntil birth springs, so well, so the river,So the ocean, so the ocean with waves millionGroaned call alifmuAlif, Alif, Alif!The Alif your replyUpright everywhereStepAttached to the former red lips on my cheek is my soap,but Istill suspicious, the color of a line on the horizon where the treeskutanam tree incarnate ghost.Finally I went to the Pacific Ocean for purification, but the sea waterbedry instantly, so a squid mad at me,melilitkuwith his trunk, and then swallow.In the squid's stomach still hear the mother's voicemefeeds on the pain in the ass who swallowed a primitive fishing squidit was ten thousand years ago.Pus kissed savory and fragrant, menyalangkanof view toislands in the map had never met.1978DOA
 If you are putting out a glimmer of light in the silent nightviolent and jarring the blue throughout the bodyevoke nostalgic ocean wavesardent flamingand the roar of thy songsmenyangkarku in thy gardenlet me dance in tune thysustainable crazy body washah, my heart is oppressed itchy and painfuldespite the deliciously tight hugI struggled in thy curseduhai, shadow your love waving handsonce again you kilatkan light in the middle of the nightI glare, just hand menggerapaigolang puppet in my body confidentah, so intimate madnesscry happy face drenched in soulmenggermang flame feathers all over the body
terbisik in gratitude heart longs to climb
1965Rhyme giddyHe let the people crawlselarat buffalo pull plowshe let the powerless wormwhen the children sing on green leavesgood, because his father croak like a tigergamelan music and sometimes make giddyrivers and forests should not be managed deer or gibbonMOTHERI

 wander if the coming dry seasonwells dry, deciduous leaves along its stems weresprings only tears mother, who remains smooth flowingwhen I wanderkopyor savory breasts and thrashing mischiefhearts of palm in there Mayang sari-sari longing memutikkanpowerless because I pay my debt to youmother is a cave pertapaankuand the mother who put me herewhen flowers flower smells honey menyemerbakMother pointing to the sky, then to the earthI nodded even less understoodif your love is like the oceannarrow shaded oceanswhere I bathe, wash the moss on yourselfwhere I sail, trawlers spread and throw anchorseashell-seashell, pearl and flower sea all to meif I take the exam and then asked about heroesyour name, the mother, who I call it the firstbecause I knowthou thy mother and Iwhen I last sailed coming headwindGod I've known mothers showthe mother's angel rainbow Scarfoccasionally come to mewrite me a blue skywith sajakku.kuperam my soulkuperam rock my soul in the armpitkusemai seed in waving and greetingwhip whipped up the waves.born cow gore boredomI found the thread kelonengin my silencegaping hole: heat wavesarusmu burnt orange in the oceankujilat pus in the wound victimkrakatau ordained praise into meIalu I made a new map of the earthwith knifeI am the blood MADURAon you, dumb chunks of rocksummarizes sleep and grow flowering flame prayerlet me not be rolled over thorn scarsalthough incubate in the pain of love is not it wiltof Ieldest son who at the same time your younger childnow go back into the womb, and knewI cow racesborn of smiles and tearsseusap hinggaplah dust, a drop of dew perch lah,sebasah honey perch wasancestor sky blue bear, bear rustgold universe, husky bear dying seven continentsHere theplease allow me exclaimed:-Madura, thou my tearswhen the rainy season is not anchoring downkubasahi you with denyutkuwhen your breasts bakedkubajak you with horns logamkuon the hill of saltI turned my brainbecause I was a cow racesthe hatch of smiles and tearsI run to catch the waves I flew hugging monthand pluck the starsthe branches of the spirit nenekmoyangkuin the crown of the sky utter an oath-Madura, I am your blood.Creeksmall streams, small rivers! where have you seen?between Cirebon and Purwakarta or just a dream?in thee small rocks as hard Rinduku and in tepimu leaf-swaying leaves sprinkled something I want inprayersmall streams, small rivers describe the me, where iscountry are you from?upon thee will I put bamboo bridge for farmerseasy melintasimu danb so I'll clean lubukmuthe robbers who feel too cool your water bathsmall streams, small rivers! heart cavity flows continue toand if you suck, rest in my sleep! You arekutembangkan dainty for my beloved.1980BayEcho in the heart burn timeShoreline is weary singingCured by jumping seaHunt down the roaring destinyAnd this bayUninhabited except upset and lightsDispatch thirst sailingDriving thousand PencalangTransformed towards tiger tearsPalm trees were convincedPromise will be sownAnd to the west pyramid soulThanks to the upright will flourish mahligai twilightIt was an eternal smileA piece just prestige BadikIn my thirst you turn greenBlood burned almost to lifeI'm looking for forestRowing at night while the liverThe stars sleepySun waiting for their turnWhen you erect pioneering amAs a traveler I try to understand:It turns out I'm not a nomadThe words and eventsHave melted on the meaningIn the jungle aroma and timeOnly a piece of prestige dagger, butUnresolved navigableA PalaceThe edge of the road between heaven and hellI entered a palaceHistorical places broodedInto blood and wavesThrough the left windowI saw the sun sticking her tongue outLike a hungry dogI'm increasingly not 'understandWhy are people banging on her stomachDeep in the supernatural and the real limitsTiger worship fog lightI pulled a deep breathAnd I closed my eyesWhat a small world! Bagikan

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